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Long Weekend Weddings… A Delight or a Nuisance?

Posted on: January 1, 2013 | No Comments

As the holidays are upon us, it is a time for family, love, giving, reflection and…. weddings?!

There has long been an ongoing debate about the appropriateness of having your wedding take place on a long weekend, which are usually linked to a holiday of some sort. Couples who opt to exchange their vows on a long weekend tend to be of the mind that their guests would likely appreciate not having one of their two regular precious weekend days snatched away from them and would therefore appreciate the extra day of relaxation following the festivities. After all, holidays do call for celebration and family gatherings, why not just throw in a white dress, a couple of vows and a formal introduction to a new found family to the occasion while you’re at it?!

But what if you’d rather keep all three days to yourself? Taking advantage of your extra day to catch up on errands you’ve been putting off; tidying up around the house; finally clearing out that garage; assembling that unit you purchased months ago? Or how about a trip to the cottage; a weekend getaway to Niagara, New York, Las Vegas; or saving a vacation day on a week-long all-inclusive trip to a sun destination or on a Mediterranean cruise? It’s not like the bride and groom can take advantage of the discounts often attached to Friday or Sunday bookings anyway, so why not just pay regular price on a regular plain Saturday and leave everyone’s anticipated and well deserved long weekends alone?

There is of course a very good argument to be made around family from abroad. It often does make the most sense for a couple to set their weddings on a long weekend when they have a large guest count of family traveling from abroad. But should this be the only exception to the rule?

What do you think? Are long weekend weddings more of a convenience or inconvenience? Leave a comment below and check us out on our facebook and twitter pages where you can also give your 3 cents.

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